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In this episode we bring you our Drobo 5N unboxing video, giving you a look at the unique NAS!
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Verizon V640 EV-DO ExpressCard

Finally, eight months after the MacBook Pro made it’s appearance, and while more and more laptops started integrating ExpressCard slots into their design over PCMCIA, Verizon has released the V640 EV-DO ExpressCard device. We got one in earlier this morning, and promptly created a gallery of Unboxing photos. Take a look, and expect to see images and a quick review of the device later today over at Gear Live.

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Unboxing Mac Pro

Mac Pro Unboxing

More Apple love here on Unboxing, as Apple has just announced the replacement to the G5 PowerMac, the Mac Pro. A few people have already started to receive their orders, and one person put up his Unboxing images over at the MacRumors forums for all to enjoy. Anyone else out there pick up one of these beasts?

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TabletKiosk eo

Unboxing reader thoughtfix recently picked up one of the new TabletKiosk eo UMPC units, and has shared his Unboxing images for all to see. The eo UMPC v7110 comes packed with a bunch of accessories, and the mobile unit itself looks quite slick. While I will personally be waiting for the Vista UMPC units before taking the plunge, the images do make me question my seemingly sound judgement.

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Gear Live iRiver clix Giveaway

So, check it. Gear Live reader and forum contributer Admiral_Kirk made it clear to us that our recent contests have been a bit too hard, not allowing the Average Joe to win because of the expertise required. Fine, we can understand that. So, we decided that to make up for that, we will make it insanely easy to win an iRiver clix from us. I mean, seriously, the person who wins is the person who wants it the most.

We want you, our readers, to help support the site in any way you can think of. No, we are not taking cash donations, we want to see your creativity. How can you support us you ask? Easy:

  • Start posting on our forums, and contribute to discussions taking place there. We will be monitoring them - if you become a regular, you are entered to win.
  • Add us to your Digg and/or Netscape friends lists - username andru - and vote for the stuff we submit. If you help promote any of our stories, from any of our sites (Gear Live, Playfeed, The Bleeding Edge, TV Envy, Unboxing, End Score, etc.), you are entered to win. There is no limit to the number of entries.
  • Link to us on your site, your MySpace page, your blog, in your signature on forums you visit, wherever. Tell the world about us. Oh, and the more creative, the better. If you do something wildly outlandish (like pulling up the site on every PC in Best Buy), send us proof.
  • Subscribe to any (or all) of our free magazine subscriptions. Each time you subscribe to something you haven’t subscribed for in the past, you are entered to win.
  • Do things we haven’t even thought of.

Now, we want you to tell us what it is you are doing to enter the contest. That is why we have set up this forum thread - when you do something, let us know. Did you Digg a Gear Live story? Let us know. Subscribe to a few magazines? Tell us. Plaster your cat with the Gear Live logo? Post pics. Let’s have some fun with this one guys. The contest will run through the end of August, and in the spirit of the whole word of mouth thing, we want at least ten people in the running. Of course, we expect a lot more than ten to enter, because - quite frankly - this one really is a giveaway. There is no limit to the number of times a person can enter - you are limited by your own time and imagination. Oh, and location, as you must have a US shipping address to be eligible to win.

Any questions? Ask in the forum. Good luck!

Unboxing T-Mobile Sidekick 3

The Sidekick has enjoyed a high-profile following, seen being toted by the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and other notable starlettes. Oh, and Nick Starr has one of the new Sidekick 3 units as well, and unlike Paris and Lindsay, Nick put together a few Unboxing images for us to drool over.

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LG Chocolate XV8500

Verizon Wireless and LG Electronics formally took the wrapper today off of their Chocolate by LG mobile phone, which as been creating a huge buzz in the United States for sometime now. The Chocolate by LG phone is priced at $149.99 after a $50 instant online discount and new two-year customer agreement.

Of course, Unboxing images have already started hitting the web. Be sure to check out Gadgetell’s Chocolate unboxing peep show for a look at everything the phone comes with. There are also a few images from the users over at Howard Forums as well.

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Our boy Nick Starr is one of the first people we know to pick up one of the new Apple Bluetooth Mighty Mouse units. Of course, Nick has decided to share the love with the rest of us, Unboxing style. He snapped pictures of his Unboxing Ceremony, and put them up on Flickr for all to see. Cool that the mouse can run on either one or two AA batteries, not cool that they squeezy buttons still remain. Nonetheless, head on over to Nick’s Flickr set to check out the images.

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This was one of our favorite Unboxing Ceremonies in recent memory, as the iRiver clix is one stylishly-packed device. The 2GB clix has a television-esque screen, and was built with input from both Microsoft and MTV - launching alongside MTV URGE and Windows Media Player 11 beta. Check out the clix unboxing images, along with the full iRiver clix review over at Gear Live. A video review will soon appear on The Bleeding Edge. Anyone else get a clix yet?

Oh, and be on the lookout, as we will be giving one here away on Unboxing very soon.

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Alright all you gadget fans, the new Unboxing has launched, and is ready to continue from where Josh left off. The site is now officially part of the Gear Live Media Network, which means you will see alot more unboxing images, news, and even regular video podcasts. We won’t give it all away here, but do stay tuned for things to come.

Of course, if you have thoughts of your own as to what you want to see here, feel free to let us know either on the forums or in the comments.

To kick things off right, we will be giving away an iRiver clix...details soon to follow!

Okay, let’s get this out of the way right now. The Sony UX-180p wannabe UMPC is gorgeous. Dave Ciccone over at Mobility Today just received his, and has thrown up some nice unboxing images for us all to enjoy.

For more, check out the post over at Mobility Today.