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Friday June 25, 2010 7:27 pm

Unboxing Live 060: iPhone 4 (shot on an iPhone 4)

Yesterday we gave you our full line-waiting experience video, but we know that some of you just wanna focus on the device itself, so this video is for you. We give you a look at the iPhone 4 as we open it up at the Alderwood Mall Apple Store in Lynnwood, Washington. We give you a look at the phone, compare it to the iPhone 3GS, and give you a look at the iPhone 4 dock and iPhone 4 bumper case as well.

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Good video, it s really helpful to unbox iphone as i am planning to have!


my iphone 4 costs me (with telenor) 4200sek (390usd) divided over 24 months plus the fee for free calling/free surf. Or.. a flat rate service´╗┐ 24 months is 699sek / month iphone 4 included.. it’s 599sek / month without no phone at all.. iphone 4 cost = 699sek - 599sek = 100 sek x 24 = 2400sek = 220 dollars

Apple canceled my warranty for my Iphone, because the new problems that do not want to admit 4. I posted a full article on what happens. Apple is void the warranty on all iPhones with this problem and believe me there are many.

I saw the iPod touch is in cardboard boxes was a first generation iPod touch.

i love it iphone , specially 4 . it’s just great :x

woow, I love my iPhone 4 so much,and maybe I will buy another for my friend

Its just the unboxing video for those who do not want to march more video.

The only time I have ever seen an iPod touch with cardboard boxes was the first generation iPod Touch. Now, with the second and third gene, they use clear plastic to reduce production costs.

I’m not buying it with a plan so that’s why i guess. i just hate plans´╗┐ being stuck in them for many years its horrible

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