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Friday February 8, 2008 6:49 pm

Unboxing Live 031: MacBook Air SuperDrive unboxing

Yesterday we hit you with our MacBook Air unboxing video, giving you a look at the SSD version of the notebook. Today, we bring you our unboxing video and demonstration of the MacBook Air SuperDrive.

As you probably know by now, the MacBook Air doesn’t include any sort of optical drive built-in to the unit. While the Remote Disc feature is nice, sometimes you just want to have a dedicated optical drive. I’d hate to install Vista in Boot Camp using Remote Disc, if that is even possible. For what it’s worth, we think this is a worthy purchase to go alongside your MacBook Air notebook. You just never know when you’ll need it.

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Forum Discussion

that drive is alot of money

Nice design, good thing its not to big, since no other features are on the Air Book, so lugging around all the extra accessories won’t be to bad, which is a good thing and nice slim design is a plus for portability.

LOL the wait there for drive to be recognized was awkward.I agree with the background voice guy its about the money also,otherwise there was no need to make it that thin and leave out such a importatn component.This Unboxing was different,was that a dog at the end?

Thats really very small and got great design.

I think it would’ve been smarter for them to keep thinking about adding an optical drive to the MBAir before they released it. Maybe they should’ve held off a year, if only to fix this issue. I think that no optical drive is a main reason why this is so unpopular. That and the fact that it only has two USB ports… and well, I guess 30 million other issues as well.

But I think that Apple should’ve taken more time to produce a drive built-in to the computer rather than spend their time trying to create a small, cool-looking external optical drive.

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I think this purchase is unnecessary. I wouldn’t buy it because you should use a computer nearby to install any software you need wirelessly. Just do it. Don’t be scarred.

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