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Tuesday February 12, 2008 7:20 pm

Gallery: MacBook Air unboxing

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Apple, Features, Galleries, Laptop

MacBook Air revealed

‘s latest gem, the , has been around for just about two weeks now. We got our hands on one of the -based units, and are currently working on our full review. In the meantime, we figured this unboxing gallery might be of interest. We grabbed about 40 shots of the notebook that sports the mad thinness, all for your viewing pleasure in our MacBook Air unboxing gallery.

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Gallery: Gallery: MacBook Air unboxing


Forum Discussion

That is an awesome notebook, and it is very small, good to travel with. I wouldnt mind having one of these myself. I like the idea of it being only 3 pounds to, thats pretty lightweight.

Air is pretty lame,i mean i doesn’t have a cd/dvd drive.Everyone can’t carry external storage drive with them all the time.Massive miss it is in my view.

DOOOMKULTUS it’s built to be tiny, lightweight, and portable. Something that tiny just CAN’T have a drive for CDs.
You can always buy an external CD/DVD drive if you really need it. I prefer flash drives and external hard drives just fine.

I heard they worked with Intel specifically to design a smaller processor for the MacBook Air.  Does anyone know if Intel will allow that processor to be placed in other competing notebooks, or is there a deal exclusively with Apple so that they can dominate the ultra-small laptop market?

Air is pretty lame,i mean i doesn’t have a cd/dvd drive.Everyone can’t carry external storage drive with them all the time.Massive miss it is in my view.

oh come on… every good notebooks gotta have at least a cd drive
as good as people may review it, that aspect is a bit lame

Thanks for the review. The MacBook Air has some great reviews all around the internet and it is so thin! Wow, if I was to switch to a Mac, I wouldn’t mind having the MacBook Air. wink I’ve never owned a Mac before, it’s been Windows all the way for me.

Do you guys own a Mac or have ever owned one?

eh, i had one when i was about 5 lol. i dont think id use it since windows seems to be just a bit more user friendly

Very nice review Andru.I only don’t like the fact about the Macbook Air that it ain’t have an optical drive.

oh no there no optical drive….
just great i also to have to carry an extra bag with me..
i will not buy it cost a lot and no function…iwill stick to my pc.

Yeah i’ll always stick to PCs whatever anyone has to say about it.i donno why but i hate Macs.

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One of the coolest and scarriest features is that there is no optical drive. You us any nearby computer to install software on your “Air”. At first thought it’s scarry, but let it sink in and it makes sense. Lighter is better.

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