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Monday May 19, 2008 10:05 pm

Unboxing Live 036: HP Pavilion DV6885SE Special Edition notebook

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Features, Laptop, PC, Videocasts

We open up the Pavilion DV6885 notebook in this edition of Unboxing Live. We were completely amazed back when we saw it at , because of what we consider to be the machine’s striking beauty. If you are looking for a computer that goes against the status quo in the looks department, check this one out. The copper finish (which I believe is officially called “Clay” by HP) is as against the grain as you are going to get - plus, the specs aren’t too shabby either. You can find this one online for about $1,000 USD. Full feature list after the jump.

Check out the video above for the full unboxing. If you are interested, check out our other .

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  • Enhanced Intel® Centrino® processor technology with interrelated Intel® Core™2 Duo mobile processor T8100, Intel® PRO/Wireless 4965AGN network connection (802.11a/b/g/n) and extended battery life capability
  • 3GB DDR2 memory for multitasking power; 800MHz frontside bus, 3MB L2 cache and 2.1GHz processor speed
  • Multiformat DVD±RW/CD-RW drive with double-layer support records up to 8.5GB of data or 4 hours of video using compatible media; also supports LightScribe direct-disc labels using compatible LightScribe media
  • The next-generation Intel® Core™2 Duo processor is based on the innovative Intel® Core™ microarchitecture, so it runs faster and is more energy-efficient for cooler, quieter operation
  • 15.4” WXGA high-definition widescreen display with BrightView technology and 1280 x 800 resolution
  • 250GB Serial ATA hard drive (5400 rpm)
  • NVIDIA GeForce Go 8400M GS with 256MB dedicated graphic memory; up to 1535MB total available graphics memory; S-video output and HDMI interface
  • QuickPlay music and DVD buttons; HP mobile remote and mobile ear bud headphones included
  • Built-in Pavilion Web cam with microphone makes it easy to chat with and send video mail to family and friends
  • 5-in-1 digital media reader supports Secure Digital, MultiMediaCard, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO and xD-Picture Card
  • IEEE 1394 (FireWire) interface and 3 high-speed USB 2.0 ports for fast digital video, audio and data transfer
  • Built-in 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN with RJ-45 connector; 56 Kbps high-speed modem; Expansion Port 3 connector
  • Long-lasting HP Thrive Imprint high-gloss finish; backlit media control panel
  • Weighs 6.8 lbs. and measures just 1.7” thin for portable power; high-capacity 12-cell lithium-ion battery and AC adapter
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition operating system with Service Pack 1 (SP1) preinstalled; software package included with HP Photosmart Essentials, muvee autoProducer, Cyberlink DVD Suite and more


Forum Discussion

that labtop is the best hp labtop ever

hmm…. why does HP create special edition notebooks? they have different colors for the cover, but other then that, their motherboards, cpu, ram, videocard, display, etc. are all the same. it’s the exterior that’s different. (i don’t hate HP or anything, but it’s just that they create so much models that are exactly the same….)
Edit: I change my mind and that the special editions are pretty and looks cool.

nice nice laptop. i would have to put this one as 2nd on the list for hp, right under the hp hdx. althought the hdx is quite as portable as this.

tsunzilla, I think they do that to make it a collectors item, so that they can charge more for it,  But it sure is pretty….I wouldn’t mind having it. I really like the copper color. It is a well thought out note book. HP is really moving up in the market-place.

I agree with you that HP is really moving up in the market-place. I personally have loved HP for a while in my young life and they have made some really good decisions on designs which in my opinion have really helped them gain much market share and that’s why people are buying their computers. For example, they started doing the etching designs on their laptops to make them cooler and stand out from other notebooks which all look the same as Andru mentions. Furthermore, they have also made all (if not most) of their desktops Black and Silver. Those colors are very desirable to consumers because they look very nice and sleek. To be honest, I believe that they learned this idea from Apple products such as the aluminum iMac and iPhone with Black plastic and Aluminum.

Also, about this laptop, I do agree that this laptop is very desirable because of the sleek copper finish. It will definitely stand out in a crowd or if your riding in a bus or train people will be looking out of their corner eye because they can’t get it off that gorgeous laptop smile. Nice job HP!

Furthermore, I’m not sure when GearLive started putting the specs and “whats in the box” and other information in their videos but I think that it’s a very good idea as an overview and just so they can keep track of what your looking at. Very convenient and I haven’t seen this in many videos so I’ll also say that its innovative as well. Nice idea Andru and the rest of the GearLive squad.

tsunzilla, I think they do that to make it a collectors item, so that they can charge more for it,  But it sure is pretty….I wouldn’t mind having it. I really like the copper color. It is a well thought out note book. HP is really moving up in the market-place.

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Cool Video.  How did you make your background?  Are you still in your kitchen?  Can you do a video on how you made the background.  Thanks.

That is a very nice laptop computer, beautiful unboxing.

I bought this 3 weeks ago it is really really superb!

My cousin has this laptop and I think it looks cool.  I was gonna get this one, but I got the new HP dv2800t Artist Edition instead, which is really nice.  I think HP makes the nicest laptops.  Many people would still prefer matte finishes, but glossy just makes everything look nice.  Just look at Dell and Toshiba.  They are releasing new glossy laptops with designs on them, but they are no where near to what HP has.

HP makes the best laptops!  This laptop design is very unique and I like it.  If I ever get a laptop I’m definitely going with HP.

I would love to have this laptop. The 256 mb graphics card and fast processor would be great for games. Not to mention it looks cool too.

HP makes the best PC computers !!

I am glad that you guys had this contest. Or I would never know about the other video shows you guys do. I just subscribe to the feed for Gear Live.

HP is WOWing us, the cost is also good for the features you get. But it’s not good for gaming.

It actually has NVIDIA GeForce Go 8400M GS ((((((( 256MB )))) dedicated graphic memory, it’s not measured by how much the shared graphic memory is. Performance is affected by many specs, the final judge depends on the model of the graphic card that is attached. You can google for benchmarks for 8400M (256MB) and 8800M (512MB) for example. See how many FPS each one can do and you will notice the difference.

Well, when you are used to 64 megs of ram on a graphics card, 256 sounds awesome.

Yet another great episode of Unboxing Live!  Wow this HP laptop is amazing as well… the finish on the laptop is just breathtaking…HP has really impressed me lately!

Oh, and I love the ending too—made me laugh smile

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