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Wednesday May 28, 2008 9:01 pm

Unboxing Live 037: TokyoFlash Pimpin Ain’t Easy watch

If there’s one thing we like about Japan, it’s how their wicked cool technology meshes with their interesting pop culture preferences. We think the Pimpin Ain’t Easy watch from TokyoFlash fits into that category. In fact, just about every TokyoFlash watch meets that criteria. They go out of their way to come up with some of the most interesting ways of telling time that we’ve seen. In this episode, we give you the rundown on the Pimpin Ain’t Easy watch. It features 72 lights, which make it nice and bright. The time is read by reading the hours on the left hand side, and the minutes on the right. It takes a little getting used to, but it’s definitely an attention-grabber.

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Forum Discussion

Haha, they sure do have unique ways of displaying the time. Very unique.

I’ve seen something that looks like one of those, called a “TIX Clock”, just a bunch of lights that you can tell the time from, but damn does it look cool. Nice name by the way, “pimp” seems to describe it perfectly. raspberry

Anyways, nice watch!

- BoogerJay

that watch is hot

It’s very cool watch. I would get it if it were like $200 cheaper though lol.

I liked this watch to. Its different on how it tells the time but neat I think. What a name for a watch though, I have to say in a way it does fit the watch…haha. It is a pricey watch and I wouldnt pay that much for any watch so I wont be getting one of those anytime in the near future. I like the blue lights with the watch being black thats cool.

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TokyoFlash was really creative with the naming and the concept of this watch.  It looks like a cool gadget to have—for a GEEK!  It looks nice, but I still prefer my digital watch.  It’s easier to read!  :D

I have to agree with the previous 2 comments, cool technology, but the function of it leaves a little to be desired. I don’t even carry a watch anymore, I just use my cellphone.

Its a good idea, but I still prefer my TIX Clock.

watch is suppose to tell time easily and quickly.lastly who need watches anymore, when i need to tell time i just open my phone

It looks like you need to press it every few seconds to display the time.

There was this special watch display I read a few years ago. It displayed time in code and you needed to decipher it. Forgot what it was called >_< But still, that watch is for the REAL geeks raspberry

I still don’t like my cellphone. It’s useful but I think we have become social networking addicts. A watch still serves its function smile

Argh, should’ve waited to post!
Btw, TokyoFlash uses the Mugen LCD display if anyone’s interested. Link here http://www.uberreview.com/2007/03/mugen-lcd-watch-spirals-to-display-time.htm

The watch I was talking about was binary. OK, maybe not code, but still. Pretty cool since I love binary wink Look here for info on binary watches http://www.thinkgeek.com/interests/giftsforhim/6a17/

That watch is really cool, but i don’t understand how you were able to tell the time. any way lol, nice watch.

It does not stay lite long enough. Yeah I already learned pimpin is not easy from GTA IV.

Strange watch, Analogue or digital watches are far better than this.

The idea is strange, it could be only used in case you have a party and want to attract some chicks :D !

pimpin ain’t easy how do you read the watch but i want to the website and saw some easier watches to read

Based on the name alone this thing is cooler than any other watch I’ve seen.  If I wore a watch, this would be it.

Make it play tetris then it would be a pimpin watch.

I watched this last night on the iTunes podcast—this is a really cool watch!  maybe a little bit on the nerdy side, and yeah it might be a little more difficult to tell the time, but what geek wouldnt want it wink

i love the things japan come out with, for some reason most of the time they seem to be the most visually creative with their products

it looks pretty cool i guess. but who uses watches anymore i just use my phone. its kinda going to get to read the time on that. and why does it shut off like every couple seconds?

I wish i had one of these! wow

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