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Eero is a new player in the home Wi-Fi space, and the company claims that its Home Wi-Fi System can put an end to those Wi-Fi dead zones for good. In the box you'll find three Eero units, one of which needs to be plugged directly into your main router using the included Ethernet cable. Two more units simply need to be plugged into wall power in order portions of your home. The three Eero devices then essentially team up to create one mesh Wi-Fi network in your home that is broadcasted from those three locations, eliminating areas that would otherwise have a weak (or non-existent) Wi-Fi signal. In this episode I open up the Eero Home Wi-Fi System and give you a closer look at the hardware.

You can get the Eero Wi-Fi System now.

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In this episode we open up the Nest Learning Thermostat. If you are unfamiliar, check out our video demo of Nest. Nest aims to manage the heating and cooling in your house by learning your usage patterns alongside built-in motion sensors that are used to tell when you are and aren't home. You can control Nest directly from the unit, as well as from anywhere that you have an Internet connection through the browser. It also has smartphone apps that allow you to control it directly from your mobile device. The more you interact with Nest, the more it learns about your preferences, and it will continually tune itself to your preferences and schedule. Nest is currently backordered by about two months from the company, but you can pick up Nest on Amazon.

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After a long and arduous wait and a somewhat aggravating purchase experience, we had to insist that the folks at the Apple store allow us to film this episode of Unboxing Live. Obviously, we are unboxing the 16GB iPhone 3G, in both black and white flavors. Included with the iPhone are iPhone earbuds, a Dock cable, and a new tiny USB power brick. It also comes with a SIM removal tool, a cleaning cloth, and the ever-present Apple stickers. Conspicuously missing from the package is the iPhone 3G stand-up dock, which is sold separately for $20.


Got a nice email from Florine over at bright.nl. Turns out they have a feature where they unbox something every week, and post the video of it. It’s called Uitpakparty.

Uitpakparty: Samsung S800

They’ve got everything from some iPod speakers to a waterscooter to a TomTom GO 910 GPS navigation system.

There’s an RSS feed, but I don’t see any enclosures, so no automatic video podcast download

Here’s the podcast compatible RSS feed, with enclosures and iTunes metadata. Thanks to the commenters who found this. It’s in Dutch, but still very cool and interesting, even if you don’t speak Dutch. Check it out! grin