On The Bleeding Edge: Bleeding Edge TV 585: iPad Pro 9.7-inch Review

Unboxing Live 065: Apple iPod shuffle (2010)

 brought the click wheel back to the iPod shuffle in the sixth generation of the product, and we've got one here to give you a look. The shuffle looks similar in size to the new touchscreen iPod nano as well, so we give you a quick size comparison between the two iPods to give you a look at the differences in size. You can pick up the iPod shuffle now for $59 from Apple.

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Unboxing Live 064: Apple iPod nano (2010)

completely redesigned the for the 2010 holiday season, eliminating the click wheel altogether, opting instead for a touchscreen device that is almost as small as the iPod shuffle. We got our hands on the multi-touch orange iPod nano and give you a look at it in this episode.

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